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Orgasmic Birth

There I said it. Orgasmic. Birth. Yep.  Stunning.  Orgasm is a word that needs to be reclaimed. We are taught to hide it, keep it private, alone behind the closed doors of our bedrooms. A secret taboo that should been never heard, and certainly not seen. And birth? Women in hospitals are exposed and vulnerable and expected to let their bodies release, open, and birth their babies with many eyes watching.

Orgasm is clearly an integral part of the formation of life. If we can reduce it to it’s simplest form, it is purely a powerful wave of sensation and yes  muscle contraction moving through our bodies. Nerve cells reverberate with pleasure. By this definition we can look at labor and birth as another form of concentrated energy moving through a woman’s body. A Miraculous series of events where mother and baby work together, and surges of the hormone Oxytocin, help the uterus contact and cervix dilate in order to facilitate birth.

Birth is sacred, and profound. It is an opportunity to heal, to create, to feel the full power of our bodies as women. If we can remove ourselves from trying to control the situation and surrender deeply, we will allow our bodies to be their most powerful. This leads through a portal that defines us as women, as mothers, and as living human beings full of energy, pleasure, joy, and yes, ORGASM.

When we say orgasmic birth, we are reclaiming these words to encompass the power, courage, and strength of a woman’s body that profoundly impacts her identity. Physical pleasure and climax are only one lens with which to imagine your Orgasmic Birth experience. Orgasm as the power of your body, opens up a whole new world of possibility.

Photo Credit: Taken by midwife turned photographer Jane McCrae, is an editor’s choice for the 2011 National Geographic photo contest  McCrae writes, about this picture, “Only a mother can understand the joy of locking eyes with her newborn babe the moment they take their first breath.”



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